Venice Tour is a tour guide of the latest generation satellite

Move through the different paths full of historical information and trivia told in audio / video with a simple touch, you can discover the secrets of Venice, the gateway to the Orient

Canals, squares, Calli and campielli, each one with its little secrets and curiosities

The Venice tour guide will accompany you in the paths less well-known and most fascinating in Venice in total liberty, living in the most romantic city in the world with funny and relax
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Papadopoli Gardens

The Papadopoli Gardens was designed in 1834 by the painter and stage designer Francesco Bagnara and found place on the areas cleared by the demolition of the Church



The AD Place charming hotel was created to amaze you in the delightful surroundings of Venice's St. Mark's.


Hotel Becher

The most classical Venetian tradition revamped in modern style makes for a great stay in a 3-star hotel in Venice


Ruzzini Palace Hotel

Just a stone’s throw from Saint Mark’s Square, in the enchanting setting of 18th-century Venice, guests of the 4-star Ruzzini Palace Hotel enjoy the atmosphere ...